Welcome to Crunchie!

Did you know that the average American uses over 200 different chemicals before they leave the house?!*

When two California doctors learned that their patients were being inundated with synthetic chemicals using basic day to day products they decided it was time make a change. When they couldn't find any alternatives that they trusted, they started making their own – by hand! 

They started perfecting their recipes and after a while people started noticing, so they decided to make them available to the public – and Crunchie was born!

Crunchie’s goal is to reduce the number of chemicals you come in contact with on a daily basis!

The doctors at Crunchie spend hours and hours researching suppliers, verifying that they meet strict requirements. None of our products are ever tested on animals and we source our ingredients, and manufacture our products, responsibly to ensure current and future generations can enjoy a cleaner planet and safe organic products, from our family to yours!

By using Crunchie products you will reduce you and your family's chemical exposure!*

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